Greetings fellow drifters

Doug and I were very sad to receive news from Indonesia this morning that our friend, and guide from East Java, Mr. Herman Jaya, has passed.  The short time we spent with him while visiting the small Tenggerese village of Tosari, Mr. Bromo's incredible sunset and the otherworldly weirdness that is Kaweh Ijen are some of our best travel
memories that we will cherish the rest of our lives.

Herman shared with us wisdom, a wicked sense of humor and an ability to
make us feel right at home - even in the middle of a rice paddy at dusk!

While waiting for our train to Jombang, Herman asked if it would be possible to
speak in Spanish instead of English; apparently the tour company thought we were
Europeans from Spain!  Together, we somehow utilized a mix of Spanish and English to
communicate throughout the four days we traveled together.  We especially
enjoyed talking about the music from Herman's childhood in Sumatra as we drove from Bromo to Kalibaru listening to great Indonesian pop tunes from the 1960s - 80s.

For more stories about Herman, be sure to visit our Java blog pages and our YouTube channel where most clips from Java show him at his wise-cracking best.  We will miss you, Herman!

On a happier note, we have finally added our photo album featuring images from our fantastic 2013 visit to Udaipur, India.  Keep re-visiting our blog for upcoming recommendations on Mumbai, Rajasthan and more!

Until we meet again...
Doug and Brady